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Elections with Déi Gréng

On Friday, February 3, 2023, the Green Party (“Déi Gréng”) presented their candidates for the elections in Luxembourg City - and I have the pleasure to inform you that I will be running as a candidate. This is another step in my commitment to address not only the challenge of climate change, but also to tackle societal problems. Why did I make this step into politics, why did I join the Déi Gréng and what do we intend to do...? You will find out about this below.

Why politics?

Since Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" from 2006, I have been shown an interest in climate change and carbon emissions. After "conventional" studies in economics, I completed a degree in the field of "Climate Change, Management and Finance" in 2016 to devote myself to these subjects professionally.

I currently work in green finance. We invest in sustainable start-ups, companies and projects in the area of the circular economy, food and agriculture, energy and water. I am convinced that the financial system cannot be changed, but that sustainable investments can show market like financial returns. If we prove this case, over time more capital will be allocated to these matters in the long term, which will provoke a change in the system.

I have also always been involved in society, whether it was in the student societies a few years ago, or as a volunteer in non-profit organizations. Since I have been passionate about climate change for a long time, I have always hesitated to go into politics as many important decisions are taken on this level, in addition to or as an enabler for finance. After a period of consideration subject, I have taken the step to participate in the municipal elections for Déi Gréng in Luxembourg City in 2023.

Why Déi Gréng?

As already described, the subject of climate protection is central to my personal beliefs, and it is not a question of political orientation: climate change will affect all parties - whether black, orange, blue, red, green, or mauve - and it is critical that we make decisions today that prepare us for tomorrow. I want to commit to this, beyond my profession in finance.

I then wondered how I could push this subject even more and I had two choices: I faced the question of developing climate protection in a "conservative" party, or joining a party that has this agenda in its DNA. It was clear to me quite quickly how my choice would turn out: Déi Gréng – as they have the most coherent ideas to move our country and the city of Luxembourg forward.

What are my personal commitments?

I am the second youngest candidate on our list and therefore I see it as my responsibility to bring young and old together and shape our city in a modern and future-oriented way. In this regard, I have a few subjects that I particularly dedicate my attention.

The first topic is climate resilience in the City of Luxembourg: we are experiencing droughts, heat waves (with more and more tropical nights) and floods (such as in July 2021), at a level that was unimaginable just a few decades ago. It is also a fact that these events will increase in intensity in the coming years. That is why it is already important to set the necessary priorities today and invest in infrastructure and adaptation, in addition of the goal of climate neutrality and supportive for all individuals.

The circular economy is also a central element for me: our city needs a highly performing circular system. Initiatives include, for example, the principles of a shared economy (e.g. car-sharing, more bicycle stations), more recycling/revalorization of products through local repair cafes and accessible resource centers, more environmentally friendly products for clothing or food, more regenerative materials in buildings or furniture, more efficient means of transportation and less packaging. This way we guarantee growth with less impact on our environment.

Furthermore, I place a lot of importance on the quality of life in our neighborhoods. That's why it is important that social life does not only occur in the city center, but that the neighborhoods are made livelier and more natural. For example, in Cessange (my home district), there are only a few restaurants, cafés and “lieux de rencontre”. Furthermore, traffic must be slowed down in the neighborhoods and intelligent zones, where every traffic participant has their own space (cars, pedestrians, children, cyclists, etc.), must be planned for.

I stand by these beliefs and that's why I'm participating in the local elections. Déi Gréng have been working on the election program for the state for over a year. We are ready to take responsibility for the city, with a team of 27 highly motivated and qualified candidates. Our list embodies the fresh breeze that our community absolutely needs: more than half are participating in municipal elections for the first time. With the necessary political courage, we can make our city more livable.

For foreign residents that live in Luxembourg (without Luxembourgish nationality), you are allowed to vote in the municipal elections. More instructions on how to register on Your vote counts on June 11!


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